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Dental health is serious business. Too many people have dental problems that are damaging their health and seriously impacting the quality of their life. Sadly, most dental problems are preventable.

No one needs to lose their teeth or have mouth inflammation that increases their risk for many diseases.

Our goal at Dental Health Buzz is to provide all the information you need to reduce health risks caused by oral inflammation, to make sure you have a nice smile for your entire life, never lose your teeth, and minimize your need for future dental treatment.

Dr Michael Pierquet

Dr. Pierquet is a practicing dentist for the past 35 years, and has trained extensively in all areas of dentistry including non surgical periodontal treatment for gum disease, wholistic dentistry and cosmetics.

His practice is currently limited to replacing missing teeth using mini dental implants. He is the author of the book How To Stop Your Mouth From Killing You, and the video series Bleeding Gums: The Silent Killer.

Dr Pierquet has a special interest in the complex interrelationship between the health of the mouth and the overall health.

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Every day is another day that oral inflammation could be damaging your health and putting your teeth at risk.

The data is clear. Inflammation in your mouth (that you may not even know you have) is a leading contributor to almost every disease and thealth problem - including cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, lung disease, arthritis and more...

  • Minimize your risk for cancer, heart attack, stroke and many other diseases caused by inflammation in your mouth

  • Minimize the need for future costly and uncomfortable dental treatment

  • Keep Your Teeth Forever

  • Avoid The Discomfort And Embarrassment Of Wearing Dentures Or Partial Dentures?

  • Reduce Continuous Dental Problems Like Decay, Gum Disease, Broken Teeth, or Tooth Wear

  • Find Out What To Do About Any Dental Problem You Have

The truth is...

  • You don't need to lose your teeth and suffer with dentures or partials.

  • You can control your gum disease even if everything else you've tried hasn't worked.

  • You can stop never ending decay problems.

  • You can stop your teeth from wearing away due to clenching and grinding.

  • You can reduce your risk for most inflammation related diseases

Almost all dental problems are preventible. All it takes is gaining some knowledge that you don't have, and doing some things that you aren't doing...

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